MG Solution Container offers a wide range of Pop-up Container shops and Portable buildings that can be used to create total solutions for the Pop-up Business industry.

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Pop-up Container should be convenient, flexible and most importantly, it serves as an extension of your brand.

With MG Solution Container, we build well-managed Pop-ups with thoughtfully designed spaces according to our client’s request and requirements – regardless of your retail brands or F&B stores. Our Pop-up Container shops help you to increase engagement, interest, and traffic in physical retail locations and one-on-one interaction with your customers.

Our Pop-ups / Modified Containers

Our unique Pop-ups and Custom-made Shipping Containers have an endless variety of modification and conversion options.
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Pop-ups have emerged globally as an effective business model. Additionally, sales and rental options are available! It's portable, robust, secure, and ready-made for you.


Shipping Containers come built to last with our modifications, your F&B Bistro / Restaurant is ready to start running! Check out our roof-top access F&B Bar & Bistro @ Punggol Container Park


We convert Shipping Containers to a Kitchen in an excellent way to make your establishment stand out against the rest! Biggest key: Flexible space, Fast and Deployable.


To achieve successful branding with minimal effort and provide your customers with a unique and awesome experience worth sharing with their friends? Here, look no further than >> MG Solution Container!

We have the best Shipping Containers that will benefit your Pop-up business in many ways!