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Logistics, F&B, Construction, Civil, Manufacturing, Marine, Military, Offshore & Dormitory and Many more!

Cabin Containers Related [ Leasing & Sales ]

  • Customization of Containers – E-room/ Water Tank / Cylinder-Water Container/ Vending Machine/ Events / F&B / Exhibitions, etc.
  • Buy, Sell & Leasing of Containers – Eg. for Storage / Office / Refrigerator etc.
  • 40ft / 20ft Canvas Curtain Truck Container
  • Toilet / Shower Container
  • Guardhouse Container
  • Gantry turnstiles Container
  • New Build Container (according to Customer’s request)
  • Cut-down Container Size
  • Install Additional Cold room door (on Refrigerated Container’s Length/ Width side)
  • Container Access Ramps
  • Container Flat Racks
  • Open Top Container
  • Platform Stairway Access
  • PVC Strip Curtain
  • Lifting Padeye
  • Box-up / Sundex Roofing
  • Racking
  • Shelvings
  • Used Machinery Equipment
  • All OTHERS

Various Types of Shipping Container:

We offer a wide range of containers and metal engineering works to meet every requirement, some products of which are listed as follows:

  • Worker Quarter / Accommodation Container
  • Toilet / Shower Container
  • Office / Meeting room Container
  • Workshop Shipping Container
  • Dangerous goods unit
  • F&B related
  • Pop-up Shops
  • Portable Classroom
  • Lunchrooms
  • Resting Shelters
  • Guardhouse / Gantry Turnstile Container
  • Carpark Booth
  • Electrical Rooms
  • Customized Cylinder Safety Cage
  • And MORE!

Some optional additional fittings / installations:

We provide add-on fittings, customization and installations services on our container cabins to cater to all clients’ needs and purposes.

Other Customization / Metal-Engineering Works:

We specialized to customize cabins and metalworks to suit various functions, according to clients’ requirements.

Some are customization are listed as follows:

  • Container Access Ramps
  • Cylinder Safety Cage
  • Storage Cabins
  • Mobile Stairway
  • Cradle Base
  • Customized Trolley
  • And Many More..

CSC Inspections

MG Solution Container offers Certified Survey Container Inspection Reports for export by request.

For more information, please contact us @ 6862 5537.

Sheet Metal Bending / Cutting Services:

According to all our customers’ requirements, we offer on-demanding steel plate bending/ cutting services and customized sheet metal bending production solutions, such as:

  • Custom-made bent metal profiles
  • Bent metal strips
  • Flat Bars
  • Channels
  • Drip trays
  • Steel profiles / structures
  • Other various applications