Shipping Containers with the standard size of 20ft and 40ft, are built according to ISO standards and are used for intermodal freight transport. Internationally, the Containers are manufactured for secure storage and transportation of materials and products efficiently – without the constraints of being affected by the weather. These made a plus-point for Containers, as they are weather-proof, reliable, robust, secure, and stackable.

MG Solution Container supplies a range of new and used Shipping Containers ideal for any general storage use such as machinery, vehicles, farms, marines, and construction sites. They are also perfect for signage advertisement and conversion into a variety of usages – such as accommodation space, pop-up booth, site office, and more.

We are specialized in modifying and customizations of Containers and all Metal-works. Especially with MG Solution Container, the possibilities are endless!

Types of Shipping Containers:

dry containers -

We offer used/new containers that are inspected and ready to be delivered to your destination! Containers are made of corten steel, especially for resistance to damage and corrosion. 

  • General Purpose (GP) Containers
  • High Cube (HC) Containers
  • Open Top Containers

available in 20ft / 40ft ...

reefer containers - (refrigerated)

Refrigerated shipping containers, also known as reefers have an operating temperature of -25ºC to +25ºC. They are built-in with stainless steel interior panels and refrigeration – Ideal for perishable goods (eg. F&B, Flowers, etc.) 

Additional Installations Available:

  • Coldroom Doors, Strip curtains
  • Viewing Glass, etc.

available in 20ft / 40ft ...

Flat rack Containers -

Flatracks are especially suited for heavy sized cargo that requires to load in from top or sides – such as machinery, piping, building products, etc.  They are manufactured from corten steel for resistance to damage and corrosions.

  • Collapsible Flat Racks
  • Non-collapsible Flat Racks

available in 20ft / 40ft ...